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Our Latest Playlists
Program Date Featured Album Playlist
616 04.18.2017 SpiralDreams: Mystic World (2016) Playlist
615 04.11.2017 Thank You Scientist: Stranger Heads Prevail (2016) Playlist
614 04.04.2017 Paul Gilbert: Get Out Of My Yard (2006) Playlist
613 03.28.2017 Frost*: Milliontown (2006) Playlist
612 03.21.2017 Dream Theater: Falling Into Infinity (1997) Playlist
611 03.14.2017 Tim Bowness: Stupid Things That Mean The World (2015) Playlist
610 03.07.2017 The Robert Fripp String Quintet: The Bridge Between (1993) Playlist
609 02.28.2017 Canvas Solaris: The Atomized Dream (2008) Playlist
608 02.21.2017 Blind Ego: Liquid (2016) Playlist
607 02.14.2017 The Alea Dilemma: Within The Clamor Of Voices (2015) Playlist
606 02.07.2017 Xan Alexander: Sonic Reflection (2011) Playlist
605 01.31.2017 Gustaf Fjelstrom: Diametric (2016) Playlist
604 01.24.2017 Richard Pinhas: Reverse (WORLD PREMIERE) (2017) Playlist
603 01.17.2017 abigail's ghost: d_letion (2009) Playlist
602 01.10.2017 echolyn: Suffocating The Bloom (1992) Playlist
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