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ProgScape Radio Playlists
Program 630: August 1, 2017
Artist Song Album Buy
Webb Wilder Tough It Out Doo Dad (1991) Buy
King Crimson The Great Deceiver (2011 Stereo Mix) Starless (2014) Buy
Lament (2011 Stereo Mix)
Pearl Jam State Of Love And Trust singles Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Deluxe Edition (2017) Buy
Heldon IV Perspective III (Baader-Meinhof Blues) "Agneta Nilsson" (Reissue) (1994) Buy
Anekdoten Karelia First Demo Session: December 1991
Dream Theater New Millennium Falling Into Infinity (1997) Buy
Crippled Black Phoenix Let's Have An Apocalypse Now! White Light Generator (2014) Buy
Black Light Generator
Soundgarden Searching With My Good Eye Closed (Remastered) Badmotorfinger (25th Anniversary Super Deluxe Box Set) (2016) Buy
Face Pollution (Remastered)
Room A Thousand Years Wide (Remastered)
Holy Water (Remastered)
Rusty Cage (Remastered)
Outshined (Remastered)
Slaves & Bulldozers (Remastered)
Jesus Christ Pose (Remastered)
Paul Gilbert Rain And Thunder And Lightning Vibrato (2012) Buy
King's X Black The Sky Dogman (1994) Buy
Kadinja Stone Of Mourning Ascendancy (2017) Buy
Foo Fighters Rope Wasting Light (2011) Buy
Dizzy Mizz Lizzy ...And So Did I Dizzy Mizz Lizzy (Reissue) (1998) Buy
Wishing Well
Genesis Dodo/Lurker (Remix) 1976-1982 (2007) Buy
Saga Step Inside The Human Condition (2009) Buy
SpiralDreams Evermore Survive Vol 2 (Reissue) (2017) Buy
Steven Wilson Forgiveness Insurgentes (Deluxe Edition) (2008) Buy
Guapo The Pilman Radiant History Of The Visitation (2013) Buy
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